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Class & Team Descriptions

All Twinkle Baby and Twinkle Star Combination classes are scheduled 60 minute classes. These classes teach the fundamentals of tap, ballet and tumbling. The classes are grouped with 3-4 year olds together and 5-6 year olds together.

All Showstars and Rising Star Combination classes are scheduled 90 minute classes. Classes are designed to warm-up, stretch, and begin three 30 minute technique sessions. Strength, and flexibility, ballet technique and barre, jazz technique and tap technique are taught each week.

Extravadance & Tumble is a certified studio for the Acrobatic Arts program. Tumbling is for students ages 5 and up. This class teaches the basics of floor tumbling and students are divided by skill level – Beginning, Intermediate and Intermediate-Advanced. This class teaches tumbling skills that pertain to dance and cheer.

Classic jazz technique with music ranging from Broadway to Pop. Students start these classes formally at age 7 but are taught basic technique for jazz in combination classes at age 5.

Hippity Hop is Hip Hop appropriate for ages 4-6. Hip Hop is offered to students ages 7 and up. Hip Hop is an upbeat style of dance performed to popular music. Although Hip Hop’s roots are in urban street dance, it has become increasingly popular in the dance world and the world of entertainment. Hip Hop takes many forms and is always changing. All music used at ExtravaDance & Tumble is edited and always age appropriate.

Cheernastics is for students 5-8 and 9-13 years old. This class teaches fun ExtravaDance cheers and age-appropriate cheerleading style cheer and dance routines. Pom Poms are used. Beginning stunts are taught in the tumble room and tumbling is sometimes a part of the class curriculum as needed for stunts and routines.

Lyrical is a style of dance that is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques that uses dramatic motion to interpret music and express emotion. Lyrical is taught in combination classes ages 7 and up.

Ballet is a class that is taught from age 3 until graduation from the dance school. Classic ballet technique is taught across the board from combination class to strictly ballet technique classes. Academy ballet only classes from 1-2 hours are divided by age and skill level. Please speak to the director regarding placement of your dancer in these classes.

Tap is a percussive style of dancing that comes from the tapping sound made when metal plates on the dancer’s shoes touch a hard surface. Tap is included in all combination classes. Rhythm and musicality are a large part of learning and enjoying tap class!

Performance Teams are designed for recreational dancers that wish to perform more than once a year in the annual recital. These groups are enrolled in combination classes as well as extra technique classes such as hip hop and tumbling. They perform at local events like festivals, school functions, retirement centers and holiday functions.

Competition Teams are made up of students who desire to be on a dance team that participates in local and national level dance competitions. This level of dance requires more hours of dance per week in a program where technique is the main emphasis. Auditions take place anywhere from early May to late summer.  Please check the studio calendar for audition dates each season.

Classes focusing on one style of dance or tumble – ballet, tap, jazz, acro/tumbling

Private lessons are offered in a variety of dance and acro/tumbling as instructor availability allows.  Cost: $30.00 per half hour.